Sale & Pepe is a grouping of restaurants situated in central Alicante (Spain), with a terrace open all year round. Thanks to our large experience in Italian cuisine in all different regions of Italy, we have learned that when a dish is simple and skillfully prepared, more successful it is.

This is why throughout the years, we have developped very tasteful Italian dishes . We provide you with great Menus  so you can taste our “best sellers”.

One of our most common proposal is our pizza, elaborated with a careful selection of ingredients, like for example our secret flour and some other Italian raw materials of  best quality and freshness.  The mix of our dough is processed in long-time maturation which gives to the final dish a unique fragance and a high digestibility.

Simple things are everything.


Sale & Pepe Castaños

Reservas: 965 06 29 72

c\ Teniente Álvarez Soto 5 (esq. Calle Castaños)

03002 Alicante

Sale & Pepe El Barrio

Reservas: 965 20 40 28

c\ Muñoz 3

03002 Alicante